Habitat Neighborhood Chooses to form Homeowner’s Association

Habitat Neighborhood Chooses to form Homeowner’s Association

By T. Myers

At a local meeting of homeowners at Terry Park, it was decided that they would form an association to help owners manage the neighborhood’s road/cul-de-sac and snow removal.

The small neighborhood has been in the grips of the question of what to do about the neighborhood as a group of owners for the past few years and now that the last of the dozen lots has been developed, it is appropriate that the owners make decisions about how they want their neighborhood to go into the future. The association will be the foundation of how the group answers the frequently asked questions about road maintenance and other “neighborly” functions in the future.

After approving the proposed policies and bylaws as presented by Habitat Directors, Wade Watson and Paul Haberman and Exec. Director, Dwane Krumme, the motion was approved to become an association under the new drafted documents, the group elected the first three board members, who will elect officers and format meetings and look into the costs and management of what needs to be done in order to manage the properties.

As new homeowners, community members already prepared to care for their own properties, now have a structure that they can use to work together as a neighborhood to care for the community’s needs.

For more information about the habitat for humanity home owner program or to pick up an application stop into the La Pine ReStore or go online and download an application www.lapinerestore.org. Call Dan Varcoe to become a volunteer or to donate cash or gently used items for resale in our local ReStore. 541-536-3234. Joe Forget, manager.